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ONEOF® accuracy.

Take care of your watch.

For several years, we have been developing the most accurate and precise diagnostic instruments to fulfill the highest requirements of Swiss Watch Manufactures. Today, ONEOF® accuracy gives watch aficionados the opportunity to acquire the only high-end integrated tool capable of providing a complete diagnosis of a mechanical watch on an iPhone.

Dragonfly technology.

Every sound counts.

The code name DRF, for Diagnostic/Regulation/Frequency, used at the early stage of the project, has become the visual identity of the ONEOF® accuracy product. The patent pending Dragonfly technology brings together all the advanced hardware & software skills of our experts. The result is an outstanding measurement precision of 0.00000232 (±0.1 s/d).

Sensor filaire

Swiss Made aluminium unibody.

It may be all about performance, but it has emotion.

Made of anodized 6000 series aluminium unibody, the sensor has been designed with the utmost care and every detail has been perfected in conjunction with the best Swiss watch suppliers. Compared to any other measurement instruments, the high-end finishing of the accuracy sensor will definitely be consistent with your timepiece.

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Accuracy App.


Just place the crown of your watch against the ONEOF® accuracy sensor and touch the dragonfly button. After only thirty seconds of initialization, you get all the detailed technical information about your watch in a fun and user-friendly app : beats per hour, instantaneous and average rate accuracy in seconds per day, amplitude of the balance wheel, beat error, signal analyzer as well as graph... You then have the possibility to save all the results in your watch’s database.

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Accuracy App.


For the very first time, a watch measurement instrument allows you to share your results on social networks or send them by emails.

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